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I really hate having to scroll all the way down before seeing the final results. In the event that user’s (you me, practically everyone) skims over text…a primary UX principle – that is, humans use rapid eye movement to pickup on keywords to get a general overview of material. Ok, TMI…


In my last post I shared how I create color palettes and I created one to use as a reference for a simple landing page website design shown above. When working on mini self projects I usually design for a fictitious company site, this way I can design the brand identity and logo from scratch. In this case, I decided to design for a yoga studio.

Below is the color palette & basic font choices I worked off of. I really absolutely love the script font that I chose, and I adore ARDYANA PUTRA’s work. He is a very talented typographer, go check him out!



Before I started creating my one page website in Photoshop I downloaded a free Bootstrap Photoshop PSD Template, provided by Joseph at GhostlyPixels.

The reason why I went with Joseph’s free template is because he offered the latest version of Boostrap, and in the event that I choose to translate this design into code, the process will be simpler as elements on the page will match the same columns widths and such set by Bootstrap…Anything really can be changed by CSS need be, regardless its best practices to work off of a grid.

When you have downloaded and opened the Boostrap 4 PSD Template, you will find that Joseph has kindly included a layered PSD file including a 12 column grid along with Boostrap’s body text, heading, font sizes, and buttons. Again everything is adjustable by CSS, so I completely re-styled the page but made sure elements still fit within a 12 column grid.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 7.35.50 AM.png

I thought I would also share my folder structure. I always begin by creating folders for fonts and stock images. Everything has a home and a proper place, this way if I need to revisit the project or use elements from this project in another one I can easily find everything. Staying organized is a good habit even when working freelance.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.01.47 PM.png

I didn’t want to go too much into the process or else this would become a lengthy post. However I did want to share with you my daily design exercise for the day. Below is the complete layout. If you are reading, skimming, or just stopping by, my sincere thank you. If you like or dislike this design, or have suggestions Im all ears, drop a comment!




Color Palette Queen ♛

As a designer, I am always inspired by my surroundings. The smallest thing can inspire me and cultivate a starting point for a project or just a mini brainstorming session. I deeply feel this is just a part of being a creative but also having FUN.

In college, I was called the “color palette queen”. I love playing with color, with that said I’ll share with you how I build color palettes for branding, websites, UI’s, print materials, interior decor, anything really.

okay, next time your playing with your dog, check out the color combos on their toys!

Meet my best bud, Linux 🙂

Every time I play with Linux I notice that his rope tug toys have the greatest color combinations and I start thinking what industry would these colors appeal to? With my hand-dandy color-picker tool in PS, I created a color palette from his toy. Below are the results, feel free to use these colors for your own use.


You can create a color palette out of any image. In fact, if you have an iPhone you can download the Adobe Kuler App that composes color palettes out of your images. It’s a great tool to have as a designer.

This is my short daily design exercise for the day. In a later post, I will use these colors to create some branding elements and or a website.

Thanks for stopping by & stick around to see what I’ll be working on next!

Work life

I’ve currently been working on a big project as a Visual Designer. With the holidays in full swing, and taking the opportunity to learn as much as I can on the job, I haven’t exactly had time to work on any side projects. However, I did want to mention some of the things that I have currently learned in my current role.

I have been working in sketch and it has made the process of building UI’s more quickly. I must also say it has completely changed my workflow, in that I can easily jump from various art-boards when designing for various screen resolutions. Redlining has also been another on the job learning task.

It has sparked a great deal of collaboration across team members including UX designers and developers. When the project gets to this stage, it is exciting because the developers begin preparing the process of building a prototype. While the prototype still requires a lot of work and QA from my side, it is such a rewarding experience to see my design work coming to life -and eventually exposed to the real world ( everyday users and consumers).

I am so excited for what the future has in store for my career as a designer, and I hope to continue to grow professionally and share that enthusiasm with others in the field.



99Designs & Logo Designs

Whether you run your own business, you are a freelancer, part-time, on-contract, in a transition between jobs, – and your looking to make some extra cash you can’t help but to gravitate towards services like 99designs. You can quickly ideate and come up with a logo in no time, and even throw in some mockups displaying different applications of the logo, its quick, fun and you can potentially earn a quick $200.

I wanted to share my experience with 99designs, I’m not looking to bash them or go into whether they are a scam or not, -as some designers are very successful in making money on this platform. I also think it’s a great opportunity to get constructive feedback as well as get some practice in. However, I personally felt a bit devalued, even with the little time I did put in maybe an hr. per logo, I still want to get paid for that. I did not get paid, and perhaps I don’t identity myself 100% as a “logo-designer”. However, I am still capable, and I do find my time and skills valuable.

If you are a fellow colleague, designer, dev, creator & builder reading this, you too should know your value!

Let’s not encourage an environment where our skill sets are devalued! With that said, go check it out for yourself form your own opinions. You will also find various articles on the topic but here is a great article that touches on our value as creatives. Taken from the article: “If someone wants something designed, they need to pay you, just like any other professional service provider.” Thank you, Sheila!

I ended up deleting my account when I came across this article because I don’t want to support that type of working environment. However I did want to show you some of the logos I created while I had my account for a good month.

1. Church Logo




2. Food Blog



3. Real Estate




4. Partnership Organization



5. Life Coach



Hope you enjoyed looking through, & always Thank you for your time!

Dribble & my works from 10 yrs ago

I started a dribble account!

-Which I will share some of my designs and possibly how I designed them in other posts as well as my thought process behind certain pieces.

I’m at this stage in my career where I’m not satisfied with anything that I am producing. When I came across Daily UI “Become a Better Designer in 100 days”, that really spoke to me. I subscribed to their daily design challenges in order to get some practice in. The challenges are great because the client and the product choices are pretty open. Sometimes its easier to have something or someone generate self-initiated projects vs. trying to think of them on your own.

In between design challenges, I marvel at other’s work, wondering how to improve myself, and then I realized, I forgot to appreciate my own progress. Designer’s that are well established rarely share their older works, you don’t get to see their failures or poorly designed projects. Today I want to share something I produced years ago.

In the early 2000’s DeviantArt was the go-to platform, and I wasn’t really producing quality or a quantity of work. At the time I was into photomanipulation, Japanese Kawaii culture, & illustration design, and I was a young designer still figuring out titles and the industry. I was working in Adobe CS3, & before HTML5 Flash was a thing. I went to a tech school where everything was very hands-on and less discussing Gestalt’s principles of design or the Bauhaus.


So here you have it, a flash piece I made 10 years ago! and to be honest with you, I haven’t touched flash since then. This piece was made up of two parts, the first was created in Dreamweaver and the second in Flash. I don’t touch too much Dreamweaver these days either, I go straight to HTML5.

Anyhow, I used to be embarrassed by my earlier works, but now I understand it’s apart of my journey into becoming a versatile designer. Okay yeah, maybe my face is turning a little red….how about that comic sans eh?

 (PART 2) Interact with the actual piece here

All early works are welcome here, don’t be shy! Drop a comment & Thank you for your time!